Alastair Cox / Developer & Digital Lead

Twitter: @dementiamap



Edinburgh-based web designer and developer. Freelancer working odd hours, advocating for open standards. Digital lead at the Stirling and Forth Valley Participatory Neighbourhoods project.

I build bespoke Wordpress templates, JAMstack Jekyll-based sites and progressive web apps drawing on the most suitable technologies available.


I am currently focused on assessing the use of everyday digital technologies as part of dementia-friendly communities

At the core of this is Our Connected Neighbourhoods, a three-year project funded by the Life Changes Trust which has grown out of Stirling University's ongoing dementia research and the recently-ended Memory Friendly Neighbourhoods programme.

As an adjunct, I am working on 'Shifting Paradigms for Dementia', a 6-month Scottish Universities Insight Institute project starting October 2017.